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Reading Response 1: Keep it Simple Stupid

Keeping something simple can be a pain for some. I as a person can relate to this as I harbor a deep love for the complex. Complex stories and moral ambiguities however are best kept to the stories of books and games. In a news report being simple can help to get a point across at a faster pace allowing you to present you’re points support the report being written.

By setting a lead a writer is able to clarify the reason behind the report and set a tone for the paper as a whole. Without this lead information can get jumbled, requiring the reader to look deeper into a subject to understand more. Knight makes it clear that a strong vocabulary should be used when writing to readers to keep them hooked on everything you write. Doing this allows you to create a rapport with the reader, allowing you to find an audience that fits your topics the most.

The points Knight makes throughout the chapter on writing in a journalistic manner are insightful, giving pointers and advice that will hopefully allow me to grow as a writer.


Questionable Intelligence

My name is Chris Barker. In childhood my ADHD led me to have to be taught at a slower level due to a problem retaining focus leading to math, reading, and writing being, at the time, my worst subjects. Since then I have beaten most of my problems in reading and writing however I still struggle with math to this day. I wish I could say I had the support of those around me however I’ve been alone leading to a cold hardened exterior. This has led me to typically not care about events involving people in which I care nothing for, however I’ll at least pretend.

I discovered a love for writing early middle school however nothing ever came from it. My love for games and programming stems from childhood where technology was just starting to be properly introduced. During this time my friends and I broke every attempt by admins to block anything fun. Eventually we caused them to give up and even taught the teachers how to break things along the way.Due to problems with childhood and family I have led an extremely introverted life style only properly making friends in High school due to the severity of my ADHD from time to time.

My music preferences are Rock and Metal with a deep hatred for country music. I play most any game except for games that are simplistic in nature like mobile games, with a particular fondness for RPGs.