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While reading chapter 3, what I found interesting is when Filak, the author, starts explaining sentence length. This is important in writing because with short sentences, you get to the point of what you are talking about. I can relate to this because I am a more of a short sentence writer, for example, journaling, rather than essays which usually include longer sentences. However, I agree with Filak when he explains how longer sentences create flow in what you are talking about. To me, if I Just have short sentences, my point will get across but will provide no information to the reader, which is why I like to use longer sentences. Another section I found interesting with this chapter is when Filak talks about reading your writing aloud. I have a problem with this because I usually do not do this because I feel awkward. “Writers often miss words, forget to add phrases or repeat ideas when they transfer the information from their brains to their keyboards,” Filak said. I can relate to this because I think of things and then I won’t type it because I was going too fast. This chapter made me think about a few things to help me make my writing better and I am going to try and work on these things.

While reading chapter 4, the section that caught my attention from the start is the killer “Be’s”, which are, be right, be tight, be clear, be active, be smooth, and be quick. This is very important in writing because if you have all of these then you are going to have a good story. Being right with your information is important because you want your reader to trust you so they will continue to read your writing in the future. Usually when people report “fake news” they lose the trust of the readers and people will not read their stories. Being tight is something that I am good at in media writing because I get to the point about my topic along with being clear about my topic. One of the main things I like to do when I am writing is to be active so I can catch the readers attention and not sound boring. I thought this section helped me think about how to sound efficient to have readers read what I am writing and to enjoy reading my writing.

While reading chapter 8, what I found interesting was the section of preparing for the event. I thought this was interesting because the first thing you should do before evening attending the event is to be prepared. Whether it is a speech, meeting, or even breaking news, you should know what you are getting yourself into. “The value of preparation is also crucial as you cover meetings, speeches and news conferences,” Filak said. Going into an event and knowing what to ask is the most important thing that I think will help you get a good story.


Bryce Griggs

My name is Bryce Griggs and I am a Junior at Piedmont College located in Demorest, Georgia. I was born and raised in Kansas and I moved to Georgia my junior year of high school. I am 20 years of age and I was born on May 26, 1998. Sports is a huge part of my life and I enjoy doing the sports that I did and still do today. I also enjoy watching college football and watching the Braves MLB baseball team. My favorite college football team is the Texas Longhorns.

The sports that I have played are baseball, football, wrestling, cross-country, and track.  I tried football in middle school but the sport jusIMG_3412t wasn’t for me. I played baseball for 13 years, but unfortunately I stopped playing after a serious head injury my junior year of high school. Going into high school I had no intensions of wrestling, but after I was talked into trying it, I wrestled my freshman and sophomore year. Throughout high school, I enjoyed running cross-country, to me it was fun and a great stress reliever from school and the things that caused stress in my life. I was a four sport letterman and honor student. My senior year of high school I decided that I wanted to further my education and running career in college. As I was looking for colleges that I could run for while getting a strong education, Piedmont was an option. I filled out a questionnaire and the head coach, Coach Jenkins, contacted me after the state cross-country race. Now, I am running for Piedmont College and it has been the best two years of running that I have experienced. I now have the school record in the men’s 8k for cross country which is 26:00.

I enjoy running, but I also like to listen to music, draw, and do photography. I do not really have a favorite genre of music but I enjoy Christian and 80’s rock. I am a decent drawer, but I have to look at something in order for me to draw anything decent. My favorite thing to draw is people and some landscapes. I have always enjoyed taking pictures so photography is something I love to do when I have time. Usually I will have a camera with me on trips or when I go hiking. I do not only run for Piedmont, but I am also the photographer for the track team. Photography is an art that I enjoy and I like to share my photography with other people. I hope that one day I can further my photography and make it my career. I also love hanging out with my friends and my girlfriend, Ansleigh Harrison.