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Get Your Mind Right

Let’s face it, college is tough. We have work that needs to get done for multiple classes and time seems to be flying by. Athletes are expected to go to practice, compete, and then have time to get all their work done. Does this sound like you? Is it overwhelming? If this is you, well you’re not alone, none of us are, but we think we are.

In the United States, there are many different college students and a wide variety of colleges to go to. College is supposed to prepare you for the “real world” and further your academic career. However, many college students in the United States are battling with mental health issues like anxiety and depression, leading to an increase in suicide rates.

Mental health is important in everyday life and many students are going to college feeling incomplete and lost while they are in school. Many colleges offer free confidential therapy for students who are struggling with anxiety and depression. If this is true, then why are there so many students struggling with mental health if we have access to help? There are many reasons, for example; social media, grades, being away from home, fear of the future, and many more reasons.

Many students who have anxiety issues in college do not think about seeing a therapist at the school or a doctor about their mental health. But what if it was mandatory that we as students see a doctor or a therapist about our mental health to checkup on our feelings and how our lives are going? Think about it, athletes have to get physicals by a doctor to make sure their bodies are healthy in order to do the sport. When something isn’t right with an athlete’s body, they see an athletic trainer. Likewise, if students want to drop a class or change a major, they are required to see their advisor. It is the same concept with mental health. We need healthy minds in order to live a healthy life while being in college. Colleges should have mandatory mental health checkups for every student once a semester in order to help with mental health issues. When we are feeling depressed or are having a panic attack, we should talk to someone who is a professional in mental health. “Mental health is just as important as physical health, and there should not be stigma about getting mental health checkups. When people are talking to a therapist, they are able to get the support they need,” said Piedmont College student, Nicole Thomas, who writes a mental health column for The Roar.

We as students need to rise above anxiety and depression. When we are feeling depressed or having anxious thoughts we need to do something about it by getting our minds right. Colleges need to have mandatory mental health checkups for every student once a semester at every school and need to grow mental health therapy program for students.

Living Fearless

Do you hear that? The sound of no one speaking or even making a sound. The sound of pure shock and adrenaline pumping through your veins. The sound of silent fear rushing through everyone’s mind. I heard it.

It was a beautiful afternoon at baseball practice, I was the new kid who just moved from Kansas making the high school baseball team in Georgia my junior year. I played baseball for 13 years of my life and I was always a decent shortstop. I have always been smaller than everyone else in my grade and I had to work harder to get where I needed to be compared to everyone else. One of my life goals was to be a professional baseball player and I loved the game. I will never forget my coach saying, “Keep up the good work and you may get a starting position,” before hitting the first ball in practice that beautiful afternoon.

The ball was airborne, and I was going for it, “Ball, Ball, Ball!!” and before I knew it, I was airborne diving for the ball in between me and the left fielder at full speed. In that moment I saw my life flash before my eyes. I hear the sound of fear and quietness around me. My teammates come rushing over to me, seeing my face bruised and dented in by the knee of the left fielder as he tried jumping over me. I hear my coach on the phone with 911 in panic of what just happened. I am numb, adrenaline rushing through my veins and being fully aware of where I was and who I was.

The ambulance shows up and I am on a stretcher. I can feel the fear of my teammates around me, as they all form a line around me on each side of the stretcher watching me being led out of the field to the ambulance. I get rushed to Savannah Memorial Hospital, which is a trauma one hospital. All I could think about through all of this is, “How am I alive?” I was praying to God to help me and to heal me from this.  As I’m being led into the hospital I see the fear in the eyes of my parents and the hope that I would be okay. I hear the fear of curiosity in the voices of the nurses and doctors. As I’m in the hospital I can feel the warm liquid of morphine and the pain coming to an ease, and before I knew it, I was going into surgery with a shattered orbital bone.

A few days pass and I am okay, I have a titanium plate in my head and a scar on my forehead that is hardly noticeable. I am alive. Through this whole process, I learned something. I learned that I never felt fear in this fearful situation, I felt at peace of what was happening to me. I am glad this happened to me because it taught me to live my life fearless of what is to come in the future. It taught me to trust God no matter what is happening to me because God is our peace, our shelter, and I will always remember to never fear for what is temporary and hope for the things that are eternal.

Stranger Things Long Review

The three and a half year old Netflix television series, Stranger Things, has been growing into a Netflix monster. Setting the Indiana 1980’s scene, seven friends, Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Will, Dustin, Johnathan and Nancy, have to battle the forces of evil in the supernatural world, also known as the upside down that was created by evil scientists, with the help from your typical sheriff in town, Jim Hopper, and Will’s mom, Joyce Byers. Eleven has powers that were instilled by the evil scientists and freed from her captor she uses her powers to the advantage of the friends. Throughout the series, Eleven is killing people with her mind, making cars go airborne… you know, things you see every day. These friends are on a heart pumping, adrenaline rushing adventure to defeat the evil forces and to close the gate to the upside down.

Spoiler Alert: At the end of season two, we see Eleven using her powers to close the gate of the supernatural to defeat the mind flayer – the leader of the evil forces, and his demons. But, in season three we see that the mind flayer was not fully defeated, and he is back for more. Season three provides us with older versions of the characters and is made for more mature audiences than previous seasons. We can see the action in season three is more graphic and there are more jump scares. Added to the group of friends in this season is Steve and Robin as they help to defeat the mind flayer by finding secret Russian codes that lead them to the open gate of the upside down. This season provides the viewer with a mystery that is still yet to be solved. In the end of season three, Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper find their way into the secret Russian lab to destroy the evil gate. However, the producers lead us into another mystery ending the season with Joyce being able to shut down the machines in the lab that is keeping the gate open, but Hopper being sacrificed as the machines blow up in front of him. But, did Hopper actually die from the explosion or is there another mystery to be solved? After this scene, we see that at the very end of the season, Joyce is moving her family somewhere else. The producers of the show want to make it seem as if there won’t be another season and that this is the end of Stranger Things. This is an amazing way to end the season because it leads the viewers into a sense of mystery of if this is really the end.

Not too long ago, Stranger Things released a trailer to season four, but the date of release is still unknown. The trailer sets the scene in Russia and people working on a railroad who look as if they are prisoners. As the camera slowly goes towards one of the workers the mystery is released that Hopper is still alive but is a Russian prisoner. This release of season four was brilliant by the producers of Stranger Things because people have been waiting for this mystery to be released, and now it finally is. This show will probably have more viewers than ever before when season four is released. We now see how everything is connecting, and that Hopper is indeed alive and, you know, probably not so well, going from Indiana to Russia. This series will continue to be a growing monster on Netflix, and it is exciting to see where the adventure of this show goes in the future.

“Hey Tim – The Story of my Life.” Short Review

Famous YouTube filmmaker, Sam Kolder, presents his audience with a more emotional piece, “Hey Tim – The Story of my Life.” With aesthetic shots and beautiful transitions of Sam and his friends embracing life to the fullest, Sam makes this video in memory of his brother, Tim Kolder. We see that Sam is now embracing life more, doing what he loves. It took the death of his brother to realize how precious life is. This chill driving adventurous video motivates viewers to pursue their passion and calling in life.