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How A Lion Became A Hornet

Imaging being on a court with NBA caliber players in a top notch NBA facility. For one Piedmont College student, this became a reality. Piedmont College hosted its annual P.R.I.D.E (Piedmont Research Innovation and Discovery Exhibition) on Wednesday, March 17th. During the event, Piedmont students presented well-crafted posters and gave speeches on a multitude of research projects, experiences or experiments that they have been apart of . P.R.I.D.E day has grown out of Piedmont’s commitment to highly valuable practices such as undergraduate research and inquiry, leadership and community engagement, as well as global learning.  One of these presentations included Piedmont men’s basketball player Mikey Joseph. Who addressed a room full of faculty, staff, teammates and coaches on his life changing experience of interning for the Charlotte Hornets NBA franchise during the summer of 2018.

During his presentation Joseph discussed all facets of his internship, starting from his first day on the job where the entire coaching staff and his hiring manager were fired. After facing that challenge he took the audience through some of the responsibilities that he had during the course of the internship. The list included: working on court with players and coaches, practicing with the team, attending team meetings, video editing, working with potential draft candidates and being present on NBA Draft Day. “I never knew how big of a deal Draft day was for these teams, it’s almost like a holiday for them.”

Joseph’s freshman teammate Justin Quick was one of the many in attendance for the presentation. “Mikey did a great job of explaining how the internship helped him and how it is going to affect his future. It was really cool to be there for my teammate and listen to his experience.” Joseph went into detail about all the benefits that came from his time with the Hornets including the on court experience he received as well as learning about the business aspect of the NBA and professional sports. He also gained experience in film/video editing as well as navigating an unfamiliar area. Joseph, a Gwinnett native, stayed at local Queens University for the duration of his internship.  “At first it was hard to be on my own in an unfamiliar place but as it went on I became more comfortable and it was really fun.”

Joseph concluded his presentation by  stating how this opportunity was a “dream come true”, he gained so much experience and was in the presence of His Airness, Michael Jordan, at one point. The internship helped him build many relationships and this was evident to all who were in attendance, including Piedmont Men’s Basketball Assistant Coach Jake Brooks, who spoke on Joseph’s presentation. “I thought Mikey did a great job presenting the experiences he had this past summer with the Charlotte Hornets. The relationships he built there will serve him well going forward and the experience he gained there is invaluable for a guy his age.”

Joseph hopes his presentation inspired those on his team who now see what it is like to have such an opportunity and how it can have such a positive impact on one’s athletic and business career. “It’s  a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone who has a love for sports.” Joseph encapsulated the essence of what P.R.I.D.E day is about, enriching others through the sharing of your experiences and hard work.

Edited Breaking News Story

Disaster Drill at Piedmont College

    28 dead and dozens more injured…intentionally. On March 27, 2019, the RH Daniel school of Nursing and Health Sciences held its annual “Disaster Drill”. This years event took place both in and all around the Swanson Center for Performing Arts and Communications, with junior and senior nursing majors having to treat victims of the accident and categorize them into different categories based on the severity of their injuries or death. Professor John Spiegel of the theater department explained that the theme of each years disaster varies. In the past, nursing students have had to deal with a small plane crash, a boiler explosion and even a rally with a bombing. This years theme was a building fire followed by an explosion that left carnage in every corner and crevice of the Swanson Center.

    Such a large production took immense planning and cooperation from the nursing, theater, and mass communication departments. In the interview with Prof. Spiegel he stated, “The planning for this drill begins almost a whole year before it happens.” Multiple emergency services were on sight to add to the reality of this simulation including the Demorest fire department, Habersham Sherrif’s Department, the Habersham County Coroner, Piedmont College campus police and even a helicopter from AirLife Georgia.

    Both nursing students and the actors who played victims said they enjoyed the experience. “It was really good to be apart of something like this and to have different situations present with the victims, some having neurological issues and others having major injuries.” said one nursing student in the midst of servicing a mentally strained “victim”. With each actor having a different injury to perform, it made for an interesting scene inside and out. An actor named Al explained to how they were supposed to play their roles. “We were given makeup and injuries with a note card that explains what is wrong with us. After that we just act out what is on the card and from there it is on the nursing students to find and treat us.” After the building was cleared, media members were addressed by the Habersham Sheriff’s Department public information officer Rob Moore as well as Jim Andrews, the chief of police at Piedmont College.

Aaron Palmer: The Air is Different Up Here

My name is Aaron Palmer and I am from Alpharetta, GA just about 20 minutes north of Atlanta. I have lived in Georgia almost my whole life. I spent about 6 months in my mothers home country of South Africa when I was about 5 years old prior to my starting kindergarten.

At first I attended Centennial High School for my freshman and sophomore years, soon after that I transferred to Mount Pisgah Christian School in John’s Creek, GA where I graduated from. It was a much different experience compared to public school and I definitely fit the stigma of your average preppy private school kid.

I played basketball all 4 years of high school and it eventually led to me being recruited here where I am now a Freshman on the Piedmont College Men’s Basketball team. It has been an interesting experience being a first year college student and becoming acclimated to the college lifestyle. Piedmont is about an hour and a half from my home and the city of Demorest is quite different from my hometown without a doubt. It took some getting used to this country town but I’ve enjoyed it a lot and I can’t wait for what is in store in the future.