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Nick Pope Short Profile

Born in Florida and raised in Valdosta, GA Nick has been apart of the soccer team since coming to Piedmont College. “I came to Piedmont because my roommate and I had already known each other and we were both going to play soccer.” Nick stated that he has has thoroughly enjoyed playing soccer here and his only complaint was that the season is so short.

He has always had a love for soccer and when asked what he plans to do with soccer he stated that he would like to pursue coaching.

Nick is also a Sports Communication major and he plans to use that to aid him in his plans of becoming a soccer coach.



Chapter 5 focused on how most writing is a lot of fluff and we tend to talk too much to meet word counts. It also discussed journalistic writing and how it focuses on getting straight to the point. With journalistic writing there is a larger emphasis on getting information across as best you can without unnecessary words or phrases.

Chapter 6 talks about active and passive voice, knowing what voice text is written in is rather important to comprehending what you are reading.

Aaron Palmer: The Air is Different Up Here

My name is Aaron Palmer and I am from Alpharetta, GA just about 20 minutes north of Atlanta. I have lived in Georgia almost my whole life. I spent about 6 months in my mothers home country of South Africa when I was about 5 years old prior to my starting kindergarten.

At first I attended Centennial High School for my freshman and sophomore years, soon after that I transferred to Mount Pisgah Christian School in John’s Creek, GA where I graduated from. It was a much different experience compared to public school and I definitely fit the stigma of your average preppy private school kid.

I played basketball all 4 years of high school and it eventually led to me being recruited here where I am now a Freshman on the Piedmont College Men’s Basketball team. It has been an interesting experience being a first year college student and becoming acclimated to the college lifestyle. Piedmont is about an hour and a half from my home and the city of Demorest is quite different from my hometown without a doubt. It took some getting used to this country town but I’ve enjoyed it a lot and I can’t wait for what is in store in the future.