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Kayla Lathon 

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For Dr, Aretha Ketch, Piedmont is all about family.  

 Born and raised in Habersham County, she was a natural fit, although her first appointment was not in her field. “Actually, I began working at Piedmont in the music department, because there were no openings in the chemistry department.” 

Both of Ketch’s parents are Piedmont alumni, and her daughter also attends Piedmont. Ketch knew she wanted to be a teacher since she was a child.  

“Since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, “she said.” When I was little, I would play teacher and students with my dolls. For 25 years I have been teaching, I took a little break when my kids were born, and I returned and got straight back into It.  

Chemistry was not her first choice, though Ketch took a tour of all the sciences before settling on chemistry.“I started out as a biology major, because I thought I wanted to do a pre-med, but I decided I didn’t want to do pre-med and I was really interested in physics. I took a chemistry class and I really loved it, so it stuck with me. So that’s how I became a chemistry teacher “. 

Ketch loves teaching chemistry at Piedmont University. She loves the small school and the dynamic of a small college. Dr.Ketch says that “I’m happy Here”             

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