Nahomi Solorzano’s Non-Stop Climb


I believe that individuals go through hardships to grow and become today’s people. And keep growing as time goes on. In reality, every person in the world deals with some type of obstacle in their life. Mine happens to be where I came from. I am originally from Naucalpan, Mexico, and was brought to the United States at a young age. This complicated my future due to the lack of documentation, causing me to not do things like the people my age can do. This has been a constant obstacle I face in my daily life, but this same obstacle is also what has shaped me into who I am. I have grown to realize that even if I am undocumented, I still am human, I still can do what I set my mind to, and I still can achieve a future that I set my mind to.

Although it may seem I am upset or have some resentment of my situation, I am not. I am proud of my culture and where I come from; even though I have not set foot in my home country for more than nineteen years, it still has a place in my heart. It is more that I am more open and aware of myself and not just a paper that says I can be legal. I have been able to use this obstacle as a drive for my success, whether it be academically or personally. I have grown to be a different kind of person than if I did have my documentation and have the freedoms others do, but because I am like this is has been my push to help those like me and people that could be dealing with other kinds of situations. I have turned my weakness into my strength.

As for me now, I am attending college studying for my bachelor’s in psychology with a double minor in social justice and mass communication. I am a first-generation student out of my whole family. I am glad I am breaking the chain and being an example to my two younger sisters. I am the oldest of three girls; family is significant, so their support is essential to me. Being able to be an example to my sister and even to my younger cousins that no matter who Latinos and any other person can strive for a higher education than just a high school degree. I have always been a social butterfly and have not let fear or shyness stop me from doing things. I always try to make new friends and listen to them, I want to learn from them and it has always been interesting how different a person can be with the stories they tell. I am really outgoing and determined with anything I do. I was and still am the overachiever. I want to give more to test my limits and see if I have improved over the years or I need some work in some areas. I am also loud, but I promise that college has taught me to tone it down. I like to be very expressive because I just love to talk and am very passionate about so many topics. I like to be involved and do something worth learning different things by having experience hence joining the clubs here at Piedmont.

Present Time

I am looking forward to my future what is to come, but I am also happy to be in the present and live the moment. And right now I need to study.

“Adversity is preparation for greatness” – Andy Andrews

Andrews, A. (2004). The Young Traveler’s Gift, Thomas Nelson.

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