Jessica Sconyers: My path in Videography

Daughter.Friend.Sister.Athlete.Videographer.Outdoor Enthusiast

18 years old going into college I was torn on what to major in. Biology to become a vet tech? maybe a firefighter in the future? Or undecided? I’m 19 years old now and I’m a freshman at Piedmont university, double majoring in mass and sports communications. For such a long time I’ve been a very creative person. Since 6th grade I knew that I loved videography but never thought of going into a profession for it. 

Coming to Piedmont I was happy to find the mass communications program. In high school I was involved in many digital video production classes. By my senior year I ended up being the first student in Orange County to reach all 8 levels of digital video.

Playing volleyball was also a huge part of my middle school and high school career, I wanted to further my career by playing for Piedmont University. So far I love my major and the sport I play.

I’m from Orlando, Florida so coming to a different state was a big change and I love it. But I definitely miss some significant things like the beaches. When I was 7 I learned how to surf, and I’ve been doing so ever since. I still love the sport and it’s been a part of me for a while, so leaving for a different state where the beach is 4 hours away was a big change.

When earning my drivers license my parents knew I wanted a Jeep Wrangler and I’ve been saving for one for a while. Getting that Jeep I’d say was the start of my adventurousness, and need to explore. I found out that there were whole communities of people who go over-landing, camping, and trail riding in their Jeep. You could say I liked it, others would say I absolutely fell in love with it. The summer of high school to college is when I realized I could mix my passion with my major.

For my future I plan on traveling the country, living out of my Jeep, and doing freelance videography. I want to see and film every possible place in the U.S. I find so much joy in that and look forward to it everyday.

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