Hannah Osborne

My name is Hannah Osborne, I’m 20 years old and from Dawsonville, GA. Currently, I am majoring in mass communications with a minor in theatre arts (after a much too optimistic attempt at double-majoring in the two). I am set to graduate in Spring 2023.

Photo taken on film.

I am from a very big family, five siblings that I share both parents with and three step-siblings. The second oldest of us, Megan, is married with two boys and a girl on the way! Also, my step-sister Cierra just gave birth to her first, a boy named Aiden.

Academic success has always been everything.

I guess you could call it “gifted kid syndrome” because I had all of the expectations for myself with little motivation. Everything I have ever done in my educational career I have always needed to be of the best. Probably why I never stuck to a sport… When I got to high school, even though I was keeping the grades, keeping the motivation became difficult. Let’s just say I skipped a LOT of first-period classes and I have no idea how I passed Pre-Calc or AP Calc.

Despite this, I never really had a plan for college. The one thing I had done in high school that had meant anything to me was doing theatre. Looking back on it, while performing was exhilarating, I think what I loved most was the small community we had built for ourselves. My director, Mrs. Nonnemaker, more fondly referred to as just ‘Non,’ was easily the most influential person in my high school career. She was the one that pushed me in the direction of Piedmont and even mass communications.

(From left to right) Me; Mrs. Nonnemaker; and underclassmen, Jace. After receiving All-Star Cast Member awards at region 7AAA One-Act Competition.
(From left to right) My step-dad Eddie; me; my nephew, Lucas; my older sister, Megan; my younger sister, Erin; and my mom; after my high school performance of Seussical the Musical Jr. playing the role of Jojo the Who.

Being a part of theatre in high school brought me some of my most treasured memories and friends. The class and rehearsals were the highlights of my days, especially seeing all of our hard work pay off when we performed. Though it may come as a shock, I was actually performing on stage. Not only that but as lead roles.

Aside from theatre, I loved going to concerts, something I have not been able to do since COVID reared its ugly face. Hopefully, I will be able to return to that world soon, as long as no more dates get canceled or rescheduled. My first concert was 5 Seconds of Summer, the summer before 8th grade. The most recent concert I went to was Rex Orange County, which is one of my favorite concerts I have been to, so at least things left off on a high note.

Taken at the Rex Orange County concert. My friends and I are very determined to get to the front at General Admission shows.

Nowadays my life is much less exciting. I go to class, work when I can, and take lots of naps. When I do have the time I like to go to the movies, go on (easy) hikes, thrift shop, and binge-watch TV (most recently Brooklyn 99).

I have yet to make any definitive plans for my career post-graduation, which is coming up faster than I could have ever anticipated. I do know that I would like to move out of Georgia, and hopefully see some of the world outside of the USA.

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