Kayla Lathon

Student.Friend.daugther.sister.future journalist.

There are many things that I feel passionate about, my family will always be something that holds most of my passion. Family means everything to me, my father and I are so close he’s like my best friend. In the picture below you see my best friend Cash he is my 2 years old baby who I love very much.

Some hobbies I like to do include reading, swimming, hanging with my friends. Swimming is a sport I have been doing since the tender age of 6 years old. I have swum all my life up until recently last year I stopped. Reading has always kind of been an escape for me, sometimes when things at home got really bad I would read. It gave me a chance to escape this reality.

Throughout my life Reading and swimming have always kept me sane. At age 13 I learned that I have a skin disease and the color of my skin changed, it was really hard and reading helped a lot with it.

I am turning 20 in a month or so and I’m old enough to decide to stop getting treatments for it. I’m a sophomore and my major is in mass communications. I want to be a news broadcast analysis after I graduate and I am hoping media wearing helps prepare me for everything I need to know for my chosen career.

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