Featured Sportscasters: John Motson

Welcome back sport caster lovers, I see you came back for more and that makes my heart jump with joy. You came back for an exciting play-by-play announcer of the name Mr. John Motson. 

John was born on July, 10 1945 and is 76 years young. As you notice I say IS, implying the young man is still alive enjoying his retirement after a long and successful career. John began his career in 1971 working for the British Broadcasting Corporation, which is located in the UK. From 1971 to 2008 John was the main football analyst for the network. However, his career began in 1968 as he was hired to be a sports presenter on Radio 2. Radio 2 is a British national radio station, and it is the most popular radio station that has over 15million listeners a week.

In 1990 John was selected for the 1994 World Cup semi-final game between England and Germany. Other than that, John dedicated his life to learning the game of football and commentating on it. In his entire career he broadcasted over 2000 games both on radio and television, and may I add that is pretty darn impressive!

In 2008, Motown retired from tv, but continued to appear on BBC Radio 5 Live. BBC Radio Live is the UK’s sports talk show for news and quick facts on players. Since 2015, Motson has provided commentary for the CBeebies football program in Britain. 

As I was researching the talented young man I found an interesting fact that you video sports game lovers would find interesting. Motson is an ex-commentator for the FIFA World Cup video game by EA Sports! His first video game was FIFA 96 and he was also a  commentator for the 06 and 08 years as well. If you have these games go and play them, because now you know who John Motson is!

ps the answer to last weeks blog is: they don’t want to wake up their audience that’s supposed to be watching

This week’s question: Why can’t a fish be a Radio Announcer?

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