Featured Sportscasters: Intro Blog 1

Hello, and welcome to Featured Sportscasters you sports fanatics. Featured Sportscasters is a 12 blog post series that will highlight sports broadcasters and their talents. Each week a new post will be published that highlights a sportscaster and their sport they talk about, and what makes or made them unique. You won’t want to miss anyone that is featured in the upcoming weeks. I will talk about the oldest of the oldest, dating back to the very first sports broadcast known to man all the way to the newest top reporter as we know Holly Rowe.

Before we begin this 12 week journey of intense thoughts, laughter, light bulb moments, and learning I would be selfish to not let you know who I am and why I am going to be writing these.

First and foremost, hey there my name is Maria Allocco and I too am a sports fanatic. Sports have always played an important role in my life ever since I could walk. I played just about every sport I could growing up except hockey, my parents told me my attitude wouldn’t have been acceptable, but oh well I still am alive. My favorite sport of all time to play and watch is basketball. I played basketball for 17 years of my life, and then just recently hung up the jersey as they would say because I wanted to focus on my new passion which is sports broadcasting. Yep, you read that right and now you’re probably having your first light bulb moment as to why I am doing a series over sports broadcasters and you would be correct!! Like I previously said, sports have always had an impact in my life and when I stopped playing them I then knew I would want to talk about the sports I love for a living.

I mean, haven’t you always thought of how that person sounds so professional and good on tv or is that just me? If you have wondered, you will slowly find your answers in the upcoming weeks which means you just have to keep tuning in.

That’s enough small talk, I’m going to leave you with a question and you’ll have to come back to find out the answer: What vegetable can work as a sports announcer?

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