After 16 Years, Lloyd is Ready to Say Goodbye

Tokyo Olympics: Carli Lloyd gets the exit she deserves with brilliant  bronze-medal game| Politi -

Carli Lloyd is one of the best players to join the field for the United States Women’s National soccer team. Although her parents wanted her to be a ballerina, at age 5 she knew that was not the path she wanted to purse. I bet all the U.S soccer fans out there can agree that even at such a young age, Lloyd was already making the right decisions for herself and her future by deciding to kick a ball around the yard rather than twirl around in a tutu on some stage.

Lloyd not only plays for the  USWNT but also plays for Gotham FC for the National Women’s Soccer League. She has super powers if you ask me. Lloyd recently turned 39 in July of 2021 yet still can show up some of the youngsters who have fresh legs and who are “more agile.” If you ask me, I’d be quite embarrassed being outran by someone who is almost twice my age. She is by far one of the hardest working players the USWNT or the NWSL has seen in a while, of course alongside past soccer legends like Abby Wambach and Mia Hamm.

This girl is a beast and truly has deserved everything she has ever won or been recognized for. Lloyd has appeared and played in four World Cups, which two of those she has walked away as a world champion. Not to mention she also had won the golden ball as best player in 2015 when in the World cup Final, she shot from half field sealing her hat trick. The list of her achievements continues as she has not only played in four world cups, but also four Olympics, winning gold in 2008 and 2012 and recently a bronze medal this summer in 2021. 

Lloyd is a true leader and a loyal teammate. She stands for what she believes in…literally, unlike others on her team. She wants to win and compete. She has grinded for decades to achieve the things she has in her lifetime. Lloyd will forever be remembered for her hard work and dedication to this sport. After hanging her boots, whatever she decides to do next, I know she will continue to compete and be the best. That’s an athlete and that’s someone we all should be looking up to.

Lloyd will play her last ever professional game on Oct. 26 against South Korea at Allianz Field. 

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