Cardi B “Up” and “Good Girls” Reviews

Cardi B Up

Cardi B’s new hit song “Up” immediately broke the world charts as soon as it was released in 2021. With that being said, the song prior to her new hit song is what made her the well-known artist she is now. “W.A.P” by Cardi starts off with her flaunting a sexual toy while licking her lips. In “Up” Cardi features the same madness in her dance video and gives off the same sexy vibe to her listeners. Cardi is well-known for her outlook on life and enables her listeners to be able to express themselves. 

Good Girls TV Show

“Good Girls” started trending on Netflix in 2021 even though it was first released in 2018. The TV series is about three women — Beth, a mother of four; Annie, Beth’s little sister and a single mom; and Ruby who is their best friend who is happily married and a mother of two. The three women decide to rob a grocery store because they have severe financial issues. But to their dismay, their foray into criminal activity attracts the attention of a local gang member. 

When the show first started, critics called the film a “gentle, no good show.” Season 1 started off introducing the girls and momentum built when the local gang banger Rio was introduced into the show. When Season 2 took off, the show wasn’t considered “gentle.” Anymore. The series is more intrigued in showing not just the many bad decisions the women take part in, but the dilemma they face while trying to have a moral compass. The supposed murder of supermarket manger Boomer in season 1 comes back to haunt the girls, as he turns out to be alive and threatens to go to the FBI for their wrongdoing. The women soon realize that they accidentally disposed of a different corpse and now have the threat of Boomer running around town — and they still have an innocent body to dispose of.  Meanhile, the FBI is still on their tails, chasing and watching their every move. 

The show is based around the obstacles of being a good wife, person and mother. The more the women try to maintain a normal life, the more extracurricular activities take place with Rio. Ever since Beth discovered her new passion for crime, she gets even more confidence  and develops a plan to seduce Rio and take control of her husband Dean’s car business. However, it didn’t go as planned for Beth — nothing does in this show. Dean eventually takes the kids away from Beth and tells her she must change her actions before she can see the kids again. As the season comes to an end, Beth feels like there’s a huge burden on her and she feels trapped. 

Ruby also feels trapped. She lies to her husband and kids about her wrongdoings, but also wants everything in life and more; even the crime aspect of life. However, she comes close to betraying Annie and Beth, while putting her husband Stan’s job as a police officer in severe jeopardy  for stealing evidence in a crime case she was involved in. Towards the last episode of the season Stan gets arrested in front of their daughter, who no longer looks up to them. 

Meanwhile, Annie is getting intimate with her ex-husband and she ends up losing custody of her child Sadie. What the show fails to prevail is that Sadie is a transgender boy, which is an exceptional moment not only for TV but all of the LGBTQ community. It sets the tone to allow all genders and or people to feel welcome when watching the show.

The show isn’t all glamorous as the viewers may see, because shortly after the groundbreaking reveal, Sadie Beth starts to receive pieces in the mail each morning of random body parts of a deceased person. Not surprsingly, Sadie Beth doesn’t keep the body parts, but continuously disposes of the pieces down her kitchen sink disposal drain before her kids wake up for the day. 

Good Girls is its own genre of a show. It’s a comedy, love story and criminal drama all in one. It is produced by Jenna Bans from the hit crime show Scandal. 

Most importantly, the show ties together how women are very powerful and can make choices on their own. In today’s society, that is very important. The three “good girls”  are all acting within the show — not only are they criminals, but they are moms trying to give their kids a perfect life on a daily basis. Should we despise them as criminals or praise them as moms who are doing what they have to do to succeed in life? This show presents a moral dilemma for viewers. This tension is what makes “Good Girls” so good.

Season 4 Episode 1 of the Crime thriller is set to air on March 7, of 2021. 

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