Editorial: Piedmont College Cafe needs to add some spice

As we begin another week on campus of busy classes, balancing assignments, tests, athletics or other extracurricular activities, the last of our worries should be, “What type of day will it be at the cafeteria?”  

The staff at the cafe work tirelessly day in and day out to provide students breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, some days we feel like nothing has been given to us in return. Every day is the same food, often lacking flavor and variety. Our daily hot meal consists of chicken and rice, along with our daily pizza and pasta. Or we can opt for the fried food section of hamburgers and fries. Many students prefer the G8 station.  

The G8 station at Piedmont is supposed to be the healthiest station and is intended for people with food allergies. It is also the line that is the longest. Students have come to learn that not only does the G8 station have the healthiest options, its food has the most seasoning and tastes the best. Every day, the station prepares a meat, a starch and a variety of wholesome vegetables for students.  

In high school we were limited to what kind of food that was “allowed” due to local, state and federal guidelines. But we are no longer in high school, and expect to be treated as adults, including the cafeteria food we have to eat.  

If Piedmont puts the same effort into each station as they do with the G8 station, the cafe would be more pleasing to not only students but also faculty.  

What kind of day will it be at the cafeteria? Our hope is that question won’t have to be asked anymore. While our plate is jam-packed with classes, tutoring, practices, clubs and so much more, the last of our worries should be if our plate in the cafeteria will have good food. 

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