A Little Bit of Lizzy

My name is Lizzy Carver and I am a senior at Piedmont College with a double major in Theatre Education and Theatre Performance with a minor in Mass Communications. Before coming to Piedmont I first attended a university in Jacksonville, Alabama known as Jacksonville State University. After a quick major shift and the realization that a giant university was not for me I found Piedmont. A native to Georgia, I was happy to find a college that was not too far from my home town of Cartersville, Ga. 

     Growing up I was one of a six person household. Comprised of my mom, my step-dad, my two older brothers, myself, and my younger sister…my house was rarely a quiet location. Of course I was stuck as one of the middle kids with my older brother, but that has just caused me to have a great personality with an exceptional talent for humor. At least I think I’m funny. 

     As far as what I tend to do with my life in the present, I am usually wrapped up in all things theatre here at Piedmont. Between acting in the productions, helping behind the scenes in set construction and lighting, performing with the improv troupe, as well as managing the marketing office – my days are pretty full. When I’m not working on lines or ensuring our shows are being promoted I am working on my various class work and trying to keep my social life afloat. On the ever so rare occasion, I am able to hike some near by trails with my friends or spend some time watching some of my favorite things on Netflix (Criminal Minds, New Girl, etc.). 

     To think about what I would love my future life to hold I have some wild and big plans. The dream would be to hop on a national tour for a production or even make my way to New York and take the stages there. After some time on the stage I would like to transition into working on some of the marketing teams for the larger theatre programs around the nation. In my elderly years, after I’ve taken the stage and gotten my experiences in I would love to transition into an educational field where I can share my experiences with the up and coming performers of the future generations…Now of course this is all if my dreams come true. But no one truly knows what the future has in store for us…sadly.

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