As the new NFL season is now only nine days away, many wonder who the top contenders are going to be. With what can be considered the craziest offseason seen from the NFL in the past twenty years. Some big names are now in new places.  

Tom Brady shocked the world by choosing to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers instead of resigning with the New England Patriots. Many wondered were Cam Newton would end up after the Carolina Panthers had cut ties with him. He eventually wound up in New England to replace the spot of Tom Brady. The Panthers picked up Teddy Bridgewater for their hole within the quarterback position. However, their biggest loss has to be the fact that Luke Keuchly retired at the age of 28. Keauchly was regarded as a generational talent at linebacker and even saw him having a career similar to Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis. One of the league’s top receivers Deandre Hopkins was traded from the Houston Texans to the Arizona Cardinals. The question is now however, with all this talent now on new teams, who is the like top contenders? 

Well, one may very well be the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts had one of the best offseason in recent franchise history. Adding key players on both sides of the ball. With a young but talented defense that was headlined by veteran linebacker Darius Leonard and safety Malik Hooker who was a rookie last year. There was much to like about the Colts defense. Their struggles however came on the offensive side of the ball. Injuries derailed the Colts time and time again during the 2019 season. At times you could see the flashes of brilliance within the offense but no consistency.  

During the offseason, the Colts made huge moves not only to improve the young and hungry defense, but also adding veteran leadership and some impressive young rookies to the offensive side of the ball. The Colts made a huge first step with the acquisition of Deforest Buckner from the San Francisco 49er’s via trade. Buckner, who is a veteran all-pro defensive lineman will give the Colts some much needed help in the pass rush game. On the flip side, the Colts have added some major weapons to their offense. The Colts signed veteran quarterback Philip Rivers, who is considered of the greatest quarterbacks of this generation to be at the helm. The Colts offensive line may very well bring out the best in Philip Rivers as they ranked among the top 20 in the NFL for pass blocking efficiency. Whereas the San Diego Chargers, Rivers’ old team ranked in the bottom 5 over the past three seasons.  

 They also added some notable rookies within this year’s draft. There was no doubt that the running game of the Colts needed some sort of boost. So, what do they do? They draft Jonathan Taylor, a running back (RB) from Wisconsin University. Taylor, considered one of the top RB prospects heading into this 2020 season will hopefully bring some much-needed juice to the back field. With the acquisition of Philip Rivers and Jonathan Taylor, the Colts could now look to the air and see how to spice up their passing game. It is no question wide receiver T.Y. Hilton is still one of the top receivers in the league. However, he cannot carry the air barrage alone. receivers in the league.  

However, he cannot carry the air barrage alone. So, the Colts picked up a promising young rookie in the draft to help. Michael Pittman Jr. is a very talented a promising receiver, one that the Colts hope can make big plays for them just as he did at the University of Southern California. So when looking at a team that might just very well have it all, the Indianapolis Colts just might be the team to watch out for. With a crazy talented defense that now has veteran leadership on the front line, a menace of linebacker in Darius Leonard, followed by a young and talented group of defensive back led by Malik Hooker. An offense that now has a stellar front line to block for the honorable Philip Rivers, a core group of running backs that will surely display its destructiveness, and a high-flying group of playmaking receivers led by T.Y Hilton. The Colts may very well be on their way to another Super Bowl.  

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