National Handwashing Day

Piedmont College

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                        September 4, 2020
National Handwashing Day to be celebrated at Piedmont College
            Piedmont microbiology and mass communication students team up to promote handwashing
Demorest,Georgia,Sept. 4, 2020—Piedmont college will be celebrating Global Handwashing Day on Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020 with a student competition and a handwashing event. 
Since the COVID outbreak, Piedmont College has taken many precautions to keep students on campus. The College has required wearing masks to class and has implemented social distancing restrictions. Handwashing is another way to prevent the spread of corona.
Schmitz said she is very serious about the material she is presenting to her students. She makes sure everyone washes their hands before entering upon her classroom, during experiments, and right before they leave. A feisty way she is making hand washing fun for her students is using colored dye in place of germs and having students vigorously washing their hands to see who can win with the least amount of “bacteria” on their hands.                                                     
“Washing your hands is the easiest way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and it helps protect other individuals around you,” said Schmitz. 
To recognize National Handwashing Day, the College will hold an online contest for where students can post their most creative and entertaining handwashing videos on TikTok. Also, in the students commons there will be an activity for students to partake in a handwashing exercise with a type of “germ dye”.

Not only is the 15th National Handwashing Day but it is when the campus wide event will take place. After collaborating ideas, the students and professors have found the ideal event for people to partake in. Everyone has heard of the go to social media TikTok. Thus, people can choose to make one and whoever makes the best hand washing one gets a prize! Also, in the student commons there will be an activity for students to partake in with a handwashing exercise with a type of “germ dye”.For more information about the handwashing event hosted by Piedmont College on October 15, 2020 email 
About Piedmont College:  One of the most dynamic small colleges in the Southeast, Piedmont is an Independent liberal arts college of more than 2,260 students. The college’s four schools—Arts & Sciences, Education, and Nursing & Health Sciences—develop tomorrow’s leader by engaging students in the classroom, in their community, and around the world. Founded in 1897, Piedmont offers bachelor’s, master’s, specialist, and doctoral programs at its Demorest residential campus in the foothills of the northeast Georgia mountains and at its Athens campus in the heart of Georgia’s Classic City. Information can be found at
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