Building Key Life Skills in A Healthy Enviornment

Demorest, Ga— Teaching key life values in a healthy environment is what motivates Rachel Hines to coach collegiately. 

“I strive to make the atmosphere healthy and competitive,” said Rachel Hines, assistant women’s soccer coach at Piedmont College. “I want my players to learn key attributes they can apply to their life in the future.”

Rachel Hines has worked at Piedmont College for nearly two years now. As a recent graduate and student-athlete from University of Washington, she is able to relate to her players on a deeper level due to the close age gap as well as her collegiate athletic experience. After graduating with a degree in English, Hines decided to jump at the opportunity to coach when she moved to Georgia. Hines has been devoted to soccer her entire life and wanted a new experience by coaching. 

“I had the opportunity to shadow my college coaches,” she said. “I enjoyed that experience and learned some critical coaching skills.” 

Hines realized she wanted to coach from her love of soccer but also her time shadowing her previous coaches. Hines implements her experience as an athlete coming from a highly ranked college. She now utilizes her familiarity of the game as well as learned skills to coach a new generation of players. 

“I want to be a positive role model,” she said. “Every day should be fun and joyful, but also competitive and healthy.”

Hines encourages her players to be competitive on the pitch, while also staying lighthearted. According to Hines, practices should include a certain amount of intensity, as well as fun, in order to keep the space positive.

“I know how stressful college is,” Hines said. “I want the environment for my players to be healthy.” 

Although soccer is an incredibly aggressive and intense sport, Hines works to make her impact positive and safe. Instead of making the environment tense, she strives to relieve the stress of each day and welcome every player to an encouraging atmosphere. 

“I really want to push the girls to be what they can be and take ownership of it,” she said. “Having a joyful and healthy life balance are critical aspects needed for future of my players.” 

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