Barrett Courtwright: Life and Baseball

Growing up in a small town in South Carolina, Barrett Courtwright was involved in many sports to occupy his time- basketball, football, and swimming, but the one sport that always stuck with him was baseball.  Courtwright was born into a Christian household with three siblings and both parents. His parents made it a priority to make sure all of the Courtwright children were hardworking and worked to be the best version of themselves.

“My goal was to be a college baseball player. My parents tried to involve me in as many athletics as possible.” Said Courtwright, Piedmont alum and graduate assistant for the baseball team.

Barrett Courtwright grew accustomed to change and adapting quickly. After being born in Hookstown, Pennsylvania on June 24th, 1997 and raised in South Carolina, he was once again forced to adapt when it came time to pick a college to pursue his baseball career. He ultimately chose Piedmont College and became a Lion. Courtwright was forced to grow up fast and work hard for his opportunities.

“I chose Piedmont because I had the opportunity to play college baseball.” said Courtwright. “I was attracted to the small class sizes and that my major education was highly regarded.”.

With one of the top Division III programs in the nation, the Piedmont Lions have had tons of recent success. Courtwright would become a huge part of that success as a starting pitcher. After contributing to the Lions baseball team and graduating in 2019, Courtwright became the graduate-assistant coach on Head Coach Justin Scali’s 2020 coaching staff, alongside Luke Harris and newcomer Hayden Craig.

As of right now, Courtwright plans to pursue a career in teaching while also continuing to help mentor the Lions baseball team.

“The next step in my life is to begin my career whether that is in teaching, coaching, or possibly both.” said Courtwright. “I’m excited to impact others.”

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