Finding a Family

For Barrett Courtwright, Piedmont baseball has been a second family.

“Family is what the baseball program means to me,” said Courtwright “We support each other on the field and in the classroom.” 

Courtwright is the type of teammate every player wants to have.  He is always fired up and ready for the next play and will pick anyone up that needs it.  He is always loyal to his team and friends, and he puts their needs above his own. Courtwright was a pitcher at Piedmont College.  He was a prominent piece to the team’s bullpen, and he won the team’s only award. The baseball team doesn’t give out MVP awards, but instead gives an award to the player who best exemplifies what a teammate should be.  Barrett won this award his senior year to no surprise of the players.

“Piedmont has taught me, by moving away from home, how to be a man.”

Not only did the baseball team have an impact on Courtwright, but the university itself has influenced who he has become.  He describes moving away to college as a learning experience that helped to develop students into who they need to be.  

Courtwright has made many friends in his time at Piedmont College, but he cherishes most the friendships that developed while playing the game that he loves.  Through big wins, tough losses and long road trips, Barrett has met some of the people that he not only considers his friends but also his family.  

“I met lifelong friends through this process,” he said.

Courtwright credits Piedmont College, the baseball team and his friends for molding him into the man he is today, and he cherishes every memory he made with them along the way.

“We have one another’s backs and no one can take that away from us,” he said.

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