Rev. Tim: Campus Minister

Demorest — From college to the Peace Corps to pastor, Campus Minister and Professor. The Rev. Tim Garvin-Leighton has been around.

“Rev. Tim” as he is affectionately called was born in Maine just outside of Portland, where he spent a majority of his life until he went to Heidelberg University in Tiffin, Ohio. “I enjoyed it , the atmosphere it was very different in northwest Ohio, so corn fields and soybean fields and I grew up on the coast of Maine I moved from ocean to rural Ohio.”

After college he went to in to the Ministry and then move on to the Peace Corps, then he became a local pastor. For the next 20 years he would be a local church pastor starting Miami, New England, Colorado, then Maryland for more than eight years before coming a Campus Minister.

One thing that Rev. Tim always thought about doing was being a Campus minister. So, he moved to California to be a Campus Minister at the University California Davis, where he worked for a couple years, then came to Piedmont in the fall of 2017.

Rev. Tim loves to explore, taking on “cycling, City actives, and Traveling.” Rev. Tim loves to travel and has traveled to 25 different countries and will be making it 26 this summer when he is taking Piedmont students on a semester abroad to Australia. His favorite places to travel are Thailand, South of France, and to Honduras where his wife is from.

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