Kimberly Crawford: Working Toward Her Passion

Dean Kimberly Crawford (Image/Piedmont College Website)

Kimberly Crawford has worked hard for years, getting her to where she is now, the Dean of Student Life & Leadership. 

Dr. Crawford fell in love with the thought of being involved in higher education and received her master’s degree in teaching at Georgia College and State University. At first, she thought she wanted to be a teacher, however after being in the classroom for a while she started having doubts.

“While I was there and actually in a classroom, I had some doubts as far as, ‘I don’t know if teaching is going to be for me, but I am going to finish my masters,” said Crawford. 

After applying to multiple higher education jobs, she started her career as Student Activities Specialist at South Texas College. One of the roles this job involved was overseeing the gym on campus.

“We would have group fitness classes, programs, activities and intramurals,” said Crawford. “I taught aerobics, I taught spin class, I even was certified at that point in personal training.”

She transitioned to the student activities side of things after her dean at the time saw potential in her. She advised the Student Government Association and Campus Activities Board for four years, before transitioning to another job on campus. An opportunity came open to be the Director of Dual Enrollment Programs.

After transitioning into that position, Crawford oversaw a program for two years that allowed high school sophomores to graduate with an associate degree before graduating high school. 

Since starting at Piedmont more than four years ago, Crawford has been promoted three times. She started at Piedmont as Director of Student Activities which oversaw clubs and organizations, res life, and the fitness center. Within two years she was promoted to Associate Dean. 

Now, Crawford is the Dean of Student Life & Leadership and is proud to be able to work with students develop their lives outside of the classroom. Her job now consists of overseeing Greek life, student organizations, orientation, res life, fitness and rec, leadership, student commons, student life and honors leadership societies on campus. Although she is busy, she strives to remind everyone to always be kind to one another. 

“Be kind, be kind,” Said Crawford. “Because we are all different and unique and we all have different backgrounds and we all come from different places, spaces and have different experiences.”

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