Interview with Coach Alex Buchman

Assistant Soccer Coach Alex Buchman has always wanted to be a coach and his dreams came true here at Piedmont College.

“Start with whatever coaching opportunity you can get and take advantage of it.”, he said.

Growing up in Wisconsin Buchman played several sports: soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and baseball in the spring. While Buchman was growing up, his dad would always be his coach, and this influenced him to start wanting to be one as well. In high school, Buchman and his best friend coached a youth basketball team for the first time, and this is what started his passion.

Buchman never saw coaching as a career for him. He was looking forward to just coaching his kids in the future until he was given the opportunity to coach at Piedmont College in 2019.

“It became a career rather than a hobby for me.”, he said.

Surprisingly a soccer coach now, Buchman enjoyed baseball much more than soccer. However, he continued to play soccer into college because he realized he was better at it than baseball. He still watches baseball to help give him a break from soccer. As a huge Brewers fan, he tries to go and watch them play the Braves every chance he gets.

“Growing up baseball was actually my passion.”, he said.

He attended a division 3 school to play soccer and study general management for business. It is a similar school to Piedmont College, but their school has 15,000 students rather than 1,500 here. Buchman enjoyed his time at the University of Wisconsin White Water and he still keeps in contact with most of his old teammates and friends. Buchman says a willingness to pursue opportunity is the key to success.

“The are endless opportunities of where you can coach you just have to go out and get them.”

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