Assistant Coach Rachel Selmore

Demorest — Piedmont College assistant volleyball coach Rachel Selmore is worried about more than a ring. 

“Division 3 volleyball is Division 3 volleyball, and I care more about my players being successful in the real world than them having a ring for volleyball,” said Selmore. 

As an assistant coach, Selmore is responsible for meals, hotels, gear and making practice plans with head coach Jamie McCormack. Out of season she recruits players for the program. 

“The team is what makes me smile everyday,” she said. “If you’re not on the bus, you are missing out.”

Selmore gets to know her players even more when traveling to games and is able to coach better because of it. 

“I like watching the girls figure out how the stuff we are doing on the court can mix with our lives, and it’s not as hard to be an adult as everyone thought it was,” she said. 

Coaching girls in college allows her to take on a “big sister” role and watch freshmen become adults. 

“My goal is to make sure the girls have a good 4 years and to know that even if they transfer, I am still in their corner,” she said. 

Selmore not having a plan post graduation brought her to Piedmont, and she is now going into her fourth season as assistant coach. 

Although she loves her job, there is one thing Selmore can’t stand about her role on the team. 

“I hate not being in season.”

Spring season begins in March. 

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