Be Prepared

English Professor Jennifer Gilstrap has three words that she often shares to students:

“Just be prepared”, she said.

Preparation has been key for Gilstrap as she built her career to lead into her current job. Teaching since 2005, she was a lecturer at UNG at both the Gainesville and Dahlonega campus, an adjunct at Georgia Highlands and an adjunct at Lanier Technical College.

Gilstrap’s introduction to Piedmont was about five years ago as an adjunct. The things that she likes about Piedmont is the small environment and that it is a small liberal arts college, and the academic freedom that comes with that. She likes the fact that it is a teaching college. Since there is not as much emphasis on publishing. Gilstrap noted that because the college is small, you can remember students by name.

“The students are really good here too, because it is such a small college and you can remember a lot of them by name”, she said.

After teaching English for several years, Gilstrap understands what helps students succeed.

“Be prepared and read ahead and read texts more than once”, said Gilstrap.

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