Speed bumps are everywhere. Metaphorically in your personal life or physically around the Piedmont campus. They cause bumps and bruises when they are not handled correctly.

Piedmont College has some colossal size speed bumps all around campus. If you listen closely, you can hear cars scrape on them throughout the day. The noise is like no other noise on campus. You know exactly what happened when you hear the terrible scrape, without even having to look in the direction of the incident. No matter how slow you may go over the bumps, they still can bite you in the butt and scrape the bottom of your car. The closer to the ground a car is, the worse the noise is when they go over the bumps. You know when there are new students on campus, people touring or visiting for games because the bumps always seem to get the best of them. You will even get lucky enough sometimes to see the drivers’ face in pure shock when it happens to them.

No car is safe on the speed bumps of Piedmont College. Unless you drive one of the big jacked-up trucks or Jeeps around campus, your car is bound to be a victim to the speed bumps at least once during your time at Piedmont College. If your car does not get a love scrape from Piedmont’s speed bumps, did you even go here?

Some of the speed bumps have been replaced already by smaller speed bumps, which has actually been beneficial for the sake of people’s cars. The smaller speed bumps have been saving the underneath of student and faculty cars, one bump at a time. There are three oversized speed bumps left on campus, near New Bedford, Johnson and the Mize Athletic Center. Those speed bumps are where Piedmont gets their terrible speed bump reputation.

Possibly one day the community of Piedmont College will come together and remove the last three speed bumps and replace them with smaller ones like they already have. If the speed bumps are removed, Piedmont may not feel the same for the sake of never hearing cars scratch right over top of the oversized speed bumps again. College is stressful enough without having to deal with oversized bumps in the road.

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