Why am I here?

Hello fellow Homosapien, you have found yourself reading my autobiography. Why are you here? Well, most likely, you are in Joe’s class, but if you are not CONGRATULATIONS! You have achieved a state of being able to do absolutely nothing with your life. Well, now that you have been humbled, I can now dive into the dark secrets of my life. Just kidding, we don’t have time for that, but let us begin.
Once upon a time in the realm of Libertyville, Illinois, a woman was giving birth. On December 16, 2001, Julian Hazen was born. That is the start of my life as you can tell there was nothing stated about a father in this story, and just like him, the explanation will be unfound. I was a fun, energetic child, yet I had some trouble paying attention in school. Which my mom, the former marine for 11 years, sorted out reasonably quickly. Growing up, the son of a nutritionist was not a sad life as I would say it was more of a green life were most kids had cool name-brand cereal I was eating raisin brand like I was 80 years old.
The middle of my life was a lot, and I mean a lot of me figuring out who I was. The kids at my school told me who I was, and I wanted to find out what was the more profound meaning of “You’re annoying.” So I did; basically, I found out I talked too much, which growing up, a lot of people use to say it was a disadvantage, which my mom then told me she was the same way. Of course, since she was explaining that we both talk too much, she was going on and on, but she did encourage me to use it to my strength.
Now that takes us here; I am a Mass Communications major and collegiate track star writing an autobiography about my life. Throughout life, there will be times where you ask your self, “Why am I here?” and “How did I get here? “. And in college, this is the perfect time to find that out. I am here cause I want to change the world. So now I ask you, why are you here?

Another year has been added on to my life, and I am here to continue my adventure of finding out “Why am I here?”. This summer was extremely different between Covid-19 and Black Lives Matters, and for me personally living in my own space for the first time. Currently, there is no solution to any of these dilemmas even though it is no longer summer. As of now I am an RA in my college dorm, which basically means I am a big brother to all my fellow peers. It is a fun yet labor intensive job. I love it, but enough of that, now to the reason why I wrote this passage “Why am I here?”. The answer is… nobody knows. I am here to enlighten my self in the ways to best communicate with the masses, but “what masses? Who will be in the audience when I am speaking? Will I be successful?” These are questions that no one but God can answer. What I can tell you that I learned is the fact that one has to stop worrying the small details. Life is short and can be taken at any time. Unfortunately, that is the truth and when seeing a worldwide pandemic ensue and you have no idea whether or not you are the next one to die you begin to question whether or not anyone will remember you if you were to die. “Did you impact anyones life?” “Were you significant in anyway?” If you answered no to both of these questions, this is your sign. Put the screen down and change lives. Cause I can say with all my heart that is why I am here.

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