Presley Field – that is the name on my birth certificate and I wrote a story about myself

Hello, I am Presley Field. I am recently 19 years of age, as my birthday is December 30th, the year of our Lord 2000. That date is also where we begin our magical journey of my life.

Starting from the beginning, I was born in Dallas, Texas. Birthed from a woman named Kim, who happens to be my mother. My father… hmm. How do I say this? He was there for my entrance to the world, but not so much for the rest. In fact, he did leave the hospital on New Years Eve to go party, which if you recall is the day after the last day I was a fetus. I’ve never talked to my dad about that, but I figured I would tell all of you. Now we don’t have time to unpack ALL of that, but I just thought it should be mentioned.

I guess none of us really know our fathers. Moving on, I lived in Dallas for around five years before moving to Georgia. Oh yeah, I failed to mention my parents divorced during my sixty months of existence. Mortal enemies, they were – (Say it in Yoda’s voice). I’m kidding of course (but not really). Throughout my time in grade school, not much happened. I lived in Powder Springs, Georgia, went to school at Kemp Elementary and field day was the only thing I remember. Referencing to to the title, Field is my last name, so I always thought it was similar to my birthday. Strange, the passage of time.

I am just going to skip over middle school altogether, as it was as uneventful as watching paint dry. After middle school, I was forced to conquer high school. Starting out, still living in Powder Springs, I attended Hillgrove High School my freshman year. Previously, I mentioned my father. He lived down the street from my house at the time and was causing a ruckus. Thus leading to the departure of my family from said town of Powder Springs. By the way, my family consists of my said mother Kim, brother of younger age (sixteen) Luke, and myself. We also have two Labradors of the chocolate and yellow variety. We left on the journey to a new place known as Duluth. I proceeded to attend Greater Atlanta Christian School for the rest of high school and to some surprise, I graduated and received a diploma. I played baseball in high school, lettered three times. Not to brag but I was pitcher of the month of April, the fourth month of the Gregorian Calendar. That is pretty much high school in a nutshell.

Around January of my senior year, I decided I was going to come to Piedmont and play baseball. Fast forward to first semester of freshman year. Then fast forward to the end of the first semester. To help remind you of where we are on this journey, we are now in my room writing this autobiography for Joe. I hope that sums everything up and if you’ve read this far, peace be with you. Go Braves! War Eagle! I’m kind of tall, or so people tell me. Chick-fil-a has the best chicken sandwich. i listened to watermelon sugar on loop as i wrote this

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