Tyler Goins: What Makes Me Who I am

I was raised in once was a small town known as Locust Grove but now is a very populated place about 30 minutes south of Atlanta. I grew up with a brother and sister that were adventurous which caused us to get into trouble all the time. Every day we were doing something fun until my 4th and 5th grade year. Both of my siblings graduated and I was the only child left in the house. At first it was extremely boring until one day I was watching T.V. and a soccer game came on. Ever since this day I fell in love with this sport that made me into the person I am today. It has been over ten plus years and I still haven’t lost the love for soccer. Every time I step on the field I get the same feeling that I once felt as an 8 year old and I don’t think this love or feeling will ever go away.

As middle school flew by and high school started I found another passion that I thought I would never have. My dad was a professional photographer and the summer before my 9th grade year I found some photos that my dad took while he was in Egypt. He sat me down and showed me all of his photos and showed me how to use his camera. I got that same feeling that I had when I first started playing soccer when I picked up the camera. As high school went on I didn’t have time to take pictures or use his camera like I could due to having soccer almost everyday. Around my senior year I started to get into making videos. Being able to tell a story through a video can make you feel many emotions which is what I love about it. I then started to make YouTube videos of anything and everything. As I started to make more videos I became better and better but I still have so much to learn. This is what makes it interesting, you can always learn more about it. After I graduated, I went to a college known as Reinhardt University. I went there for soccer and because they have a great filming program. I then realized the school was not for me for soccer reasons so I transferred to Piedmont College which is where I am at currently.

My number one goal in life is to make it as a professional soccer player but my backup plan is filming and photography. I hope to look back one day and say dang I actually made it.

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