Cameron Graham: My Story

My name is Cameron Graham, and my life is full of surprises. Every day I wake up, I’m always amazed at the things I have accomplished. I remember the time my dad asked me what I wanted to be when I got older. Once I said comedian, my dad said words I can’t type on this website.

I was born in Tampa, Fl, but in second grade, I moved with grandparents to Augusta, Ga. Moving to Augusta was a big adjustment for me. Everyone is friendly, saying hello, and waving. In Florida, people would think you are trying to do something to them if you stare at them. I remember once I moved to Augusta; I met my second-grade teacher Mrs.Best. She asked me was I ready for second grade, and I responded by saying, “yea.” Well, that didn’t flow with Mrs.Best, so she corrected me quickly. Once again, adjusting to Georgia was difficult for me, because apparently, you can’t say “yea” to teachers.

Once I started middle school, I started living on the wild side. I got in trouble every other week and stayed in my room reading books all the time. My dad would take everything out of my room except for my bed and clothes. I was basically in prison, but with better living conditions. In 7th grade, I had terrible grades, and that made my dad upset. He had a meeting with all my teacher, so I could have my desk sit right next to their desk until my grades improved. Now you might be thinking if my grades improved right. Well, of course, it was either that or death. Around this time of my life, my dad and my stepmother began talking. My beautiful sisters came into my life, as well. When they came into my life, track & field was something I took seriously. Track & field helped me throughout middle school, keeping me away from trouble. I was the best High jumper in the county and performed well in other events.

During High school, I mainly focused on getting my diploma and running track in college. The only fun thing was meeting my best friend in 10th grade. My High school track career was good. I went to the state track & field meet three years, won many medals, and a three-time county champ. Fast forward to the present day; i’m a junior mass communications major. In track, I currently hold multiple records, and I’m a two-time conference champ. Now, if you would’ve told me years ago I would be doing all of this stuff, I would laugh at your face.

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