About Me, Connor Creedon

My name is Connor Creedon and I am a Sports Communications major here at Piedmont College. I have a younger sister at home named Hannah who I miss very much but luckily she isn’t really that far away.

I was born and raised in Duluth, Georgia which is where I have been for my whole life until now. I stayed in the same elementary, middle, and high schools for all the years I had to be there. I graduated from Duluth High School and I was honestly really happy to be done with it. High school was where I got even closer with the friends I’ve known since I was born, so I am definitely really grateful for them. High school is also where I really got into sports. I played basketball and ran track as well as cross country all four years, and running is pretty much the reason that I am a student here today. I’ve also met so many great people here which has been awesome and I really love it here altogether.

Academically, I am interested in video production as well as sports. Ideally I would like to combine the two in some way but I am also very open to doing video production or just something along those lines in many different fields. I am pretty confident that I would want to work behind the camera, but I am not entirely sure on the specifics on where I want my career to go. All things considered, I am very confident in the fact that Piedmont is the place for me to be successful both academically and athletically, which is why I am so grateful and thankful that I am in this position.

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