RR 9: Law and the Medai and Ethics

In chapter 12 of Filak it was very interesting to read about how law affects media in some ways. Like how on page 211 it goes into law across media platforms and how the Bill of Rights comes into play.

I liked how this chapter went into about all the different ways law has an effect on everyone in the media. I liked the part on the rules of recording because it goes on about the one-party consnet, which is when you record someone without their consent.

I also liked not only it went on about the rules recorders have to follow but what to do after things go too far. The chapter has a section on deffenses agaisnt libel, it gives you all the options people can take: truth, opion, and privlage.

In chapter 13 I was really just reminding myself the ways in which ethics comes into play with just about everything. This whole chapter was stuff I was already told in high school with maybe some updated things such as, th golden mean.

This was a new term and I liked to read about how this is all about finding a middle ground for people.

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