Keaton Benfield: Reading Response #9

In these final chapters, Filak describes how the law works hand-in-hand with the media, the privileges and rights that all have as Americans, as well as those that belong to journalists as they cover news in their field of work. He also explains what many may believe to be truth but in reality could be quite the opposite.

It is crucial that reporters understand their individual rights as they create their stories. Learning how to always be cautious, when writing, as they are risking their credibility and legality once the article or tweet has been published, is a crucial step in the process.

Even though the First Amendment allows for a free press, laws are put into place, and the law is always changing over time concerning what can and cannot be published or written about. Knowing these laws is crucial when tackling a complex story that takes many hours of investigation and research. In order to be a good reporter, one must always keep an eye on the law and how it affects the media at all times and in many circumstances.

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