RR9: Filak Chapters 12 & 13

Chapter 12 covers the morality of freedom of the press and chapter 13 covers the ethics of writing in journalism.

As a reporter it is good to know your rights so when people get in your face about covering a story you aren’t afraid. At the same time be careful what you but on an investigative series because as Filak says, “just because you say, “It was only Twitter” won’t get you very far if you libel someone.” His expression relates to ethics in journalism by saying, “just because we have the power to write it doesn’t mean we should.” As much as the audience has the right to know when it comes to the actions of the public, it also has the right to know how your media outlet has addressed errors in judgement or anything else that can cut your credibility.

In conclusion, Filaks’s Chapters 12 & 13 express to cover the media in an ethical and moral way that empowers the readers to see the truth, but doesn’t matter how long the piece is as you’re a publisher and you assume the risk in writing for the media.

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