These chapters really started diving deeper into some of the more controversial parts of journalism. The best journalists are those who are aware that our first amendment rights do not allow them to publish anything without any repercussions. Libel can have serious consequences for reporters who aren’t careful.

However, I believe that the ethical choices that journalists have to make can be just as important as watching their backs to make sure they aren’t sued for defamation. I recently read a Vice News article about a South Korean Pastor who illegally helps North Korean defectors escape from the hermit kingdom. The article followed his journey rescuing two women who had escaped North Korea, only to be abducted into the sex trade when they reached China.

Vice reporters chose to leave out all personal information of the women in order to avoid the potential of them being captured and returned to North Korea. In potentially perilous stories like these, it is important that the journalist make ethical decisions, and consider the safety and well being of those involved in the story.

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