Aha! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I was wondering if we were ever going to get to the end of this book. Chapter 12 is important for new journalists to understand because it is easy to get caught up in misunderstanding the law and what government societies can legally do. We all know about freedom of speech but we also tend to feel underpowered when it comes to authorities. For example, back in my dispatching days, we had a couple of high profile cases that landed national media attention. One was even broadcast across the globe due to the international sting one of our undercover officers unfolded. I was still fairly new to dispatch, so when all the mainstream media approached the door I was a little starstruck. That being said, I can tell you that they were relentless in asking as many questions as possible about the case. But when they went back to the press conference to speak with Chief Jones, some of the newer journalists didn’t ask anything. This is also a good example of the manipulation that can happen just by the situation. Seasoned journalists knew what to expect and what to ask and were by far ethical.

This book did a great job in summarizing points about beginning journalism. I especially appreciated the visual elements and simple formatting.

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