RR8: The Eternal Cliché

This chapter Knight is talking all about overused phrases and how to avoid them and ultimately make your writing better. He says, “Words get tired, people get tired of words and expressions that have lost their meaning because they are worn out”

That is such a true statement said by Mr. Knight because it seems like time after time you hear these phrases and/or words they lose their lackluster after their repetitiveness. As Knight says later in the chapter, “No matter how well the cliche fits, the readers have heard it so often that they’re tired of it.”

He also goes on and talks about what are some cliches that you most likely do not want to use in certain situations like busy as a bee, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks or that’s how the cookie crumbles. Knight is trying to say that yeah all of these have meaning behind them and they might get the point across, just find another way to say them, spice it up a little bit and keep it fresh.

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