RR8: Knight Chapters 8 & 9 and Filak Chapter 4

In Knight’s chapters he delves into clichés and words to never use in writing. In chapter 8 Knight says, using the phrase “adding insult to injury” are just awful and don’t give readers insight to be interested into the writing. Instead of using such a cliché phrase he emphasizes to take the meaning of the phrase and describe it into one word. In chapter Knight says to stay away from words like everyone, everywhere, and all because they tend to make false accusations.

In Filak’s chapter 4 he explains how writers should stop hiding there details in a six paragraph story and get to the point but have structure. In order to accomplish such feat you must take your time with the description and “give the story what its worth.”

In conclusion Knight and Filak tell us to make our stories unique and authentic.

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