I think Filak’s chapter 4 should have been closer to the end of the book. Particularly after we read about the rules. How can you “break” them if you don’t yet know them? I guess the reason for placing it where he did was because he spoke about the structure of the story and the main sections to include. Perhaps just a title change would have been effective. It was a good review of the nut graph and to create a visual element in your reader’s mind.
Knights chapters 8 & 9 were probably the most helpful chapters for me so far in any of the readings because I struggle with cliches and trying to break the rules too much. I found it amusing that I was reading while petting and snuggling with my three oversized pooches, being that Knight makes mention of dogs. Then I was unhappy with the author when I read that he thinks jargon writers are “lazy” only to finally find myself yet again amused, at his explanation of the title “chair” since I often wondered why Joe would call himself that!

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