Disaster Drill Story Revise

Every year Piedmont College holds a disaster drill on their campus. Many students that study in different fields, all come together to make this event whole. The event is initially for the R.H. Daniel Nursing and Health and Science majors. They are able to gain real-life experiences in a fiction setting. Mass Communications and theater majors play a role in making this event successful as well. Local emergency services also come out and support the main cause. With everything put together, Piedmont College is able to create a false sense of chaos, for students to be ready in their field.

Connor Jelley and Nate Roys saw everything for what it truly was, because they were behind the camera the entire time. Both are mass communication majors, and both take filming very seriously. Jelley was impressed with the amount of people that came together to make everything happen. “The smoke effects and makeup really made it feel like an explosion actually happened.” Roys said the preparation impressed him. “My favorite part was seeing the theater department work on the victims beforehand………. victims that had very realistic looking injuries was awesome.”

Piedmont Police Chief Jim Andrews said the nursing students are the future caregivers for our community, they need proper resources to be ready and be experienced for real life. He said plans are already underway for next year. “We’ve already started to plan a 1 to 2 hour meeting next week with the nursing department on what we can do better.” Even though the drill is not real, the school makes sure that all majors gain real life experience.

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