This chapter somewhat annoyed me. Clichés just seem to be a part of everyday writing, nothing wrong with that. Though Knight speaks about how unsightly they are, I use them constantly. I can’t really help it; I just don’t ever think about them. However, that also refers back to Knight’s chapter where they say you must think out everything before you write it, that way you can avoid clichés. Now thinking on it, I do agree with that. I suppose I’ve talked myself into actually liking this chapter when originally I did not. Good one, Knight. Good one.

Filak’s chapter was rather boring, speaking on sentences and making sure you form them properly. Not my cup of tea, to be completely honest. However, I do find it very helpful, just a drag to get through. Other than that, there wasn’t much to it. This, by far, was the most painful chapter to get through.

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