Reading Response 8

In chapter 4 Filak talks about the structure of a news article, specifically expanding the inverted pyramid. If journalist have a quick and easy structure to write news pieces then they can write them faster. And news is all about writing and getting the news out as fast and accurately as we can. I like the inverted pyramid model, it is a great model to grab the readers attention and keeping them throughout the entire article.

In chapter 8 Knight discusses the problems with cliches and why they are unnecessary for journalistic writing. Knights main point is that they add no value to the sentence, they are just there to emphasize something you already know. Knight thinks that using cliches is theft and that it should be avoided. I agree with Knight, I think that journalistic writing should be as quick and to the point as possible.

In Chapter 9 Knight talks about red-flag words. These words can be common in everyday talk but Knight thinks you should eliminate them as much as you can in writing. Words like “that” and “feel” take away impact and offer nothing to the reader. These red-flag words offer nothing to the story, just more words to get in the way of the point.

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