Filak 4, Knight 8 & 9

Filak talks about not falling into a comfort zone with tools, this resonated with me not using voice memos to conduct interviews. I have always written notes and miss some of the words that are critical for me getting correct information. It’s hard to describe the narrative “in my minds eye” while keeping it short sweet and simple.

Words, phrases and quotes can become stale, Words that are often overused, mostly clichés, imply that the writer was being lazy. You don’t use the cliché just because it fits – there is almost always a better way to say something.

I agree the writer should always take a chance for revision, but readers are not judging every word so minutely, asking if it belongs. They only get critical when they see red flags. Removing the word “located” would not have been caught or thought of by the reader unless they were looking at it with a journalistic mindset. Many of the words considered “no-no’s” are not sounding alarms because they are used in everyday speech.

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