Reading Response 7

In chapter 7 Filak talks about knowing your sources and checking over your work. I think it is important to always go over your work, because everyone makes mistakes. It doesn’t matter if you are the best in the world at something you will still make some mistakes. Even Tom Brady throws an interception every now and then, so no one is perfect. It is also important to know the topic you are talking about. In Journalism you never know what subject you could be talking about and it’s impossible to know everything so you will always have to do research. If you start talking about something you don’t understand it will just make you look dumb and no one wants that.

In Chapter 8 goes in depth about beat reporting, Beat reporting allows journalist to focus in a specific field allowing them to become excerpts in what they are reporting. These different beats can be in areas like sports and politics or can even be beats in areas like a whole major city. This allows for the journalist to talk about things that interest them and even become a spokesperson for the topic.

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