Chapters seven and eight in this book are the basis of a good reader. The foundation to what a writer can become. Know how to cover to different types of news. Like described in chapter seven, know how to cover the stories that find you.

Know the three steps to be able to do this. One, be prepared. Know the topic you are writing about inside and out. As if the topic was the back of your hand. Know your material before covering it. Step two, find the story. Every news story has different ways of attacking it. Do some digging to find the way you want to write about the story. Without details, you cannot write a good story for your readers. Step three, be safe in your writing. Double check for grammatical errors and see fi your story flows. Then, check it again just to be sure.

Chapter eight describes what to do when you find the story. This will require some digging but not just to find information. You are also finding the story in this case. Because believe it or not, anything in this world can lead to a story. If you don’t believe it, look at any story that comes out of Hollywood or just anywhere from LA to San Francisco. A celebrity wears a different pair of shoes than normal. The whole community of paparazzi goes crazy. But when you find the story, focus on the people involved in the story. And never be afraid to dig deeper than what the eye can see.

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