RR8: Expanded News Writing, The Eternal Cliche and Red Flags and No-Nos

In chapter four, I feel there was a lot of recap to what we learning in class. I liked the part at the end of the chapter was very interestng.

In building self-contained segments I liked how they went through and said that the goal is to produce content in a way that anyone can read any part and not get lost. This was an interesting concept to read bec ause usually we want to flow and have information given throughout. I neverf thought to think about arraning my stories in a way where any part of it is unerstandable to what the main focus is.

In chapter eight, I like how cliche is used in the the whole chapter it doesn’t avoid the concept. The apprrentice cliches and slang paragraph It goes into how there are phrases we can use that will get the point of the senetence across.

I like the part with cop and c criminal lingo as well as journalese, for the mere cause of the title of the paragraphs. They go into different phrases that these types of people use and my favorite is the list in journalese. The terms I remeber reading in high school, but to see them all writen out is amazing.

In chapter nine, I loved how each paragraph goes into what words are red flags. Seeing each of these words made me realize how often I use them. I like how they go into how using these can affect how your story comes across. The no-no paragraphs were just as helpful and gave a lot of explanation as well.


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