Chapter seven talks about the basic principles of  news reporting. The chapter speaks on how to attain information and how to put it on paper correctly. This chapter was a little bit of a review for me. Accuracy needs to be a main point in reporting as well. You should never have false information in a new’s story. Reason being, is that everyone in the room gets the same story. Like in sports, everyone saw the game. Everyone receives the same information, but what a reporter is able to do with that, makes them a good reporter.

In Chapter 8, beat reporting is emphasized. You can find a story anywhere, you just have to be creative and look. The more you look, the easier it is to find an interesting story. But again, accuracy is very important. Since I see sports beat reporting interesting, I read this chapter thoroughly. Sometimes your stories are not as interesting as the last one. You just have to anticipate something wrong happening and having a plan B. Writers must be able to adapt when not everything goes right.

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