RR7: Filak Chapters 7 & 8

Chapter 7 explains how to cover news that finds you while chapter 8 talks about how to cover news you search for. When covering news that finds you, Filak says to follow these three steps; be prepared, find the story, and be safe. Be prepared on what the topic is your writing on and know the material. If you don’t do your research, then you won’t produce a nice story. Find the story and cover it in a way the reader can feel as they were at the event. Being safe in writing is two things. Stay out of harm’s way in the field and be careful what you write. Eliminate all those grammatical errors and double check your work.

The three main things in chapter 8 are, anything can lead to a story, focus on people, and don’t be afraid to dig. Anything in this world can lead to a story, and we just must open our eyes to it. The more we ask why about things, the more we might find interesting answers and fun stories. Focusing on people is just what we did as a class with our profile stories. When we interview people, we don’t want to overlook them because we might find some fantastic stories about them or experiences. A good story takes time to develop, and Filak says, “if you remain persistent in your work, you will eventually get the things you need to tell the story you want to tell.”

In conclusion, these two chapters showed me how I could cover news more effectively, and I look forward to using these tips for the upcoming disaster drill assignment.


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