Chapter 7 eased some of my fears around the upcoming Disaster Drill on Wednesday. The section about reporting a disaster was insightful not only in how to deal with it, but who to talk to. I’ve heard the nurses will run you down and ignore you if you get in the way of them trying to do their job; it is their final after all.

Chapter 8 we had read part of before doing our profile story, and while that was a nice refresher, the bit about beat reporting was both interesting and a bit irrelevant for me. I’m an English major going to grad school for more English, and while it’s important to know who to talk to and keep up with in a field, I’m not going to be doing beat reporting. I’m in this class to learn another way to write, and while I realize there are majors in the class and it’s important to understand the real-world application for this field, the beat and sports reporting sections didn’t jump out at me like others have.

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