Reading Response 7: Finding The News And Having It Find You

Learning the basics and expanding upon them is a staple of reporting. Researching provides the cold hard facts when done correctly while interviews can help to provide a sense of where the information belongs and the context in which to use it in. Researching the topic helps to lead to a better news story rather then going in and just conducting an interview without the supporting context from the facts. Accuracy also be at thee core of the story to properly inform the reader and retain said readers. Information for stories can come from a variety of different sources. These can range from public speeches and news conferences to meetings and sports events. Information gleaned from these types of events must be accurate.

Another way to go about finding stories is to look for them in everyday life rather then looking for the big ticket stories that will receive coverage from every other outlet. By finding local stories of similar styles, a reporter can get a groove going that will allow them to gain readers and a reputation with the local community. Getting immersed in an area will help to humanize the reporter, making them seem like an average Joe to the readers. Doing this will allow better coverage of local topics due to being known around town. Keeping in contact with past interviewees is also an action to be undertaken so that the reporter seems more human to the readers.

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