RR6: Knight Chapter 7 and Filak Chapter 2

In Knights chapter he talks about being honest and not straying away from the facts. Don’t be a fake news website and report on something that isn’t true. Gather all the facts and evidence before you think to write it. Knight expresses, to stay on the “journalistic ethics” path because getting the facts right is the only way to be accurate.

In Filaks chapter he talks about critical thinking being the main focus in structuring  a story. Gathering the information is only half the job in writing and you must assess the information in the other half to make it matter more. For example, stories can use quotes and facts, but that doesn’t do much to help the readers understand the value of what you have written. Quotes shouldn’t be the main reason for asking a question but instead they should be a byproduct of good questions meant to help the journalist understand the subject’s view on a topic.

In conclusion, Knight and Filak tell us to gather and write true stories but structure it and tell it how you would like it to stick out for the audience reading.


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